Kid’s Quote of the Day ~ Little Old Ladies

Kid’s Quote of the Day ~ Little Old Ladies

When a Child Says Something Brilliant…

I Call It “The Quote of the Day”


Situation: Barrett and I (his grandmother) are meandering through the airport, killing time until our fight took off when Barrett freaked. Terrified, he grabbed my hand and jerked me to a halt.


“Look!” Barrett half-screamed. He pointed at an older woman. Then, ducked behind me and fearfully clutched my leg.

I eyeballed Barrett’s villain. All I saw was a shriveled, old woman leaning on an elegant cane. Deep wrinkles cut across her face. Her startling, jet black hair matched her clothes which were also austere, and couture, and meticulously tailored. In vivid contrast to all the black were her lips, which were painted blood red, as were her fingernails. A ginormous diamond ring, the biggest I had ever seen, hung loosely on one of her gnarled fingers. 

I thought she was impressive. Obviously rich and very well kept. I didn’t see a problem.

“Grandma,” Barrett pointed and screeched. “There’s a real live witch.” 


*** Yes ~ she heard. As did everyone else in the airport terminal… 

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