The Best Velvet Hammer
(Fabulous Ice Cream Dessert!)

by Karen Ekstrom

Disaster Struck

My dessert was ruined. Burned into an unsightly mess.

My guests were to arrive in two hours. 

And I still needed a bath.


What to do?  

I needed something delicious ~ fast!

I racked my brain.

Suddenly a blot of inspiration hit!

After all, I make the World’s Best Velvet Hammer!


3/8 cup Creme de Cocoa

3/8 cup Cointreau

1/2 cup Brandy (pick your favorite)

3 pints Vanilla Ice Cream (good quality)




Mix everything but the nutmeg in an electric blender. Blend.

(If you blend it until it’s melted put it back into the freezer and let it firm up.)

Pour into a fancy glass and sprinkle nutmeg across the top.


(And… Enjoy the compliments!)

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