Give Your Child A Fairy Godmother… Here’s How!

by Karen Ekstrom

“Sweetie?” Susan’s mother turned off the kitchen faucet and walked to her daughter. Bent down and kissed her hair. “I’ve watched you crisscross the house five times since you came home from school. And you keep sticking your finger into the door latch, only to turn around and huff off.” She stopped and cocked her head. “What’s going on in that wonderful little brain of yours?”

“I’m waiting for a note from my Fairy Godmother.” Susan peered into the little door hole again and sighed. Her eyebrows knit into a knot of despair. “I know I have one. All the books and movies say so. But, I’ve never heard from mine.”

Susan’s mother straightened.

“This has got to be her mailbox. It’s right outside my bedroom door.” Susan’s lower lip trembled as she ran her finger around the inside of the hole again. “Just where the Fairy Mailman would leave a letter…”

“Oh dear. I should have told you earlier. You see, your Fairy Godmother is… old… and forgetful.”

“Maybe she doesn’t like me.” A sob escaped. Susan buried her head into her mother.

“Oh honey. She loves you very much. It’s just that… I’m sure she’s just been… “ Her mother hesitated, searching. “Putting your letters into the wrong mailbox.”

Susan swiped a tear.

When Susan’s mom spoke, her words were soothing. Susan didn’t notice the steel in her eyes.

“I promise, I’ll get in touch with your Fairy Godmother and let her know her mistake. I’ll bet you start getting notes before you know it.”

Susan’s mother leaned down and kissed her tears away.

“Now, let’s have some fun. How about we make some cookies so Dad can have some when he comes home.”

“Okay.” Susan’s voice rang with happiness. “Can we make the ones with chocolate chips?”

A couple of hours later, squeals of delight shot through the house.

“Look… Look… I’ve got a letter from my Fairy Godmother.” Susan rushed to her parents’ side. “Read it to me. Please.”

My Dearest, Darling Susan,

I just can’t believe I’ve been putting your letters into the wrong mailbox. For years! Why it’s just terrible… Please say you’ll forgive me!

But, I have always been by your side, watching over you, seeing your grow into such a sweet, lovely child. So good. So kind. Why today, I saw you sharing toys with that cute blonde girl on the school playground. What a wonderful way to make friends!

I am, and I have always been, so proud of you!

Your Fairy Godmother

From that time on… Susan received lots of letters from her Fairy Godmother.
All delivered to the correct Fairy mailbox.

With thanks to my friend Susan Bilardi, and her

 Oh-So-Brilliant… Fairy Godmother



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