Pulled Pork Ribs
A Rancher’s Recipe

by Karen Ekstrom

I LOVE Pork Ribs.

It’s easy to make and so incredibly versatile. When I make a batch, I make a lot. I  start out serving them as ribs with BBQ sauce. Then, I pull the meat off the bones, shred it and make pork tacos or sliders. After that, I make mash potatoes and gravy, and put pork in the middle of it. I call it Karen’s Slop!  My family loves it!

All this from the same basic pork recipe.  And it’s easy!


Pork Montreal Steak Seasoning

Ribs (I buy 7 – 9 lb. packages) – Look for lean cuts.  Pork is fatty.  Your ribs will have fat on them, but get the leanest ones you can find.

Shiner Bock Beer – I’m sure any beer would work but my husband likes Shiner Bock and I only use one bottle.

Steak Seasoning – I like Montreal Steak Seasoning. I use it on all my beef and pork. It’s wonderful! I buy it at Sam’s Wholesale Club.


Liberally coat your ribs in Montreal Steak Seasoning.

Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 6 hours.

In a heavy pan, brown the ribs on the stove.

Pour beer into dutch oven.

Place browned ribs into a dutch oven.

Cover and put into the oven. Cook at 325 degrees for 2 hours.

Pork should be so tender it falls of the bone.

Drain and discard liquid.

Serve as ribs or shred. Your choice. It’s delicious!


Potato Salad makes a great side dish.  Here’s a wonderful recipe.

Karen’s Excellent Potato Salad


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