Kid’s Quote of the Day ~ Death (You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!)

Kid’s Quote of the Day ~ Death
(You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!)

Situation:  I was driving my grandson, Barrett, age 9, to town. As we were coming up to our neighbor’s ranch, Barrett saw a large number of buzzards circling… Barrett’s a city boy but he has spent lots of time with us on the ranch, so he knows buzzards are part of “God’s clean up crew.” So… I didn’t hesitate more than a second or two before answering his question~


Barrett: “Grandma, why are all those buzzards circling over there?”

Me: “There is a dead cow in our neighbor’s pasture. It’s been there for a couple of days. I don’t know why they haven’t moved it.”

Barrett: “Can I see it?”

Me:  “Well, sure. We’ll pass by it. You can see it from the street.”

A minute or two later, I pointed. “There it is.”

Barrett: “Ewww… Why are the buzzards eating its butt?”

Me, slightly startled: “Well… That’s where most buzzards start in on a cow. I guess they consider that gourmet food.”

Barrett: “EWWWW… Grandma, You have to promise me that you’ll bury me.”

Me: “I promise, if you die before me, I will make sure you are buried.”

Barrett, very serious:  “Thank you Grandma. I don’t want any buzzards eating my butt! Not even when I am dead.”

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