Terry’s Refreshing Spinach, Avocado Salad Recipe

by Karen Ekstrom

  Bring You The Finest, Down-Home, Southern Food Your Mouth Ever Tasted.

By Terry Fitts



2 cups of spinach – washed

1 cup of romaine Lettuce – washed and chopped

½ of an avocado – sliced

4 jalapeno stuffed olives – sliced

¼ of a red bell pepper – washed and sliced

½ a cucumber – washed and sliced (do not peel)

3 boiled eggs – sliced

12 cherry tomatoes – sliced in half

A handful of honey toasted walnuts

Pepper jack cheese – grated


Throw all but pepper jack cheese in a bowl. Mix. Put pepper jack cheese on top. Add your favorite dressing.



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