Hilarious Religious Joke…
(A Great Pope Joke!)

by The Internet

The Pope and his driver are on the way to the airport. The Pope checks the flight and it’s been delayed. So, the Pope asks his driver if he could take the wheel and drive around for a while because they have time to kill and he hasn’t driven a car since becoming the pope.

Naturally, the Pope is a bit rusty, so he’s driving poorly. Suddenly, he sees police lights behind him. He pulls over and when the officer comes up to the window his eyes go wide.

The cop says to the Pope “Hold on for a minute,” and goes back to his car to radio the chief.

Cop: “Chief we have a situation. I’ve pulled over an important figure.”

Chief: “How important? A governor or something?”

Cop: “No sir. He’s bigger.”

Chief: “So, what? A celebrity or something?”

Cop: “More important, sir.”

Chief: “A major politician?”

Cop: “No sir, he’s much more important.”

Chief: “WELL WHO IS IT!?”

Cop: “Well actually I’m not sure. But, the Pope is his driver.”


Yes! That’s the best Pope joke ever!

Author Unknown!

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