Super Easy Fix For Crooked Candlesticks!

Super Easy Fix For Crooked Candlesticks!

There you are. Sitting at the dining room table, at someone else’s house, staring at their candelabra. Not because it’s beautiful, but because one of the candlesticks is leaning to the left. And you’re dying to straighten it.

Yes, this is a First World Problem, but what do you do?

Well, if you were me you’d…

Slip out of your seat.

Grab the candelabra. 

Sneak into the kitchen. 

Find the junk drawer.

Pull out the rubber bands.



Wrap and rubber band (or two) around the base of the candlestick.



Stick the candlestick back in the candelabra.

If it’s still loose, grab another rubber band.

Keep wrapping rubber bands around it, until it fits snuggly in the hole.

Do it to all the candles.


That’s it!

Now for the tough part.

Sneak back into the dining room.

Put the candelabra back to the table…

Without anybody noticing!

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