DIY – College Dorm Room Art

by Karen Ekstrom

By Mary Claire Ekstrom

My roommate and I are both out-of-staters at the University of Minnesota.

She’s from Wisconsin.

I’m from Texas.

(Hence the cows in the picture)

We wanted a cute door sign that included both of our backgrounds.

And this was an adorable way to do it!


Stained Wood Pallet 


(I found mine at Walmart, premade)

Printed state silhouettes, cut out


Acrylic Paint

Small paint brushes

(They need to be able to fill in the bumps of state lines)


Place the cutout silhouette of your chosen state on the board. 

Trace firmly with pencil so a small indention surrounds the silhouette. 


Remove paper.

Paint with small brush inside the lines of the state. Then, cover the penciled border with paint.

Repeat with all three states. 



Paint plus and equal sign into the blank spaces. 

Let dry for 2-3 hours. Then, hang!

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