Secure Your Stairs With Anti-Slip Strips

by Karen Ekstrom

When Ron Sturgeon, Linda Allen, and their three beloved Cavalier King Charles Spaniels moved into their new home, the first thing the dogs did was run around, checking out the place. Within minutes, one skidded across the new hardwood floor and tumbled down the stairs.


This would never do.

Ron and Linda took action.

(Because their dogs are very spoiled – like all dogs should be!)

They went to the hardware store, and bought a couple of rolls of anti-slip tape and a good pair of scissors.

They made a dog bone pattern, then went to work cutting the anti-slip strips.

Then, they stuck the tape down.

It was that easy.

They created a dog paradise    

Now their stairs have attitude from the bottom up. (Notice the painted book spines.)

And, from the top down, the stairs are cute and safe for dogs… and humans. 


Linda and Ron-001


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