Quote of the Day(Another American Airline Horror Story!)

Quote of the Day
(Another American Airline Horror Story!)

When Someone Says Something Brilliant, I Call It The “Quote of the Day!”

(I swear this is true! It just happened two days ago!) 


Situation: I was sitting on a TINY American Airline jet, preparing to fly to Dallas/Fort Worth, out of the Santa Fe airport.  The AA flight attendant was doing her spill.

Flight Attendant: “You slip the tongue into the buckle and pull the strap to tighten…” She flashed a seatbelt above her head and continued on…

I was barely paying attention.

Finally, as she was winding down, she said:  “This plane comes equipped with two restrooms. They are located in the front and back of the plane. This is a small jet. We are aware that the facilities are also small. But, we must insist, for the comfort of all, that you close the door when using the toilet…”

There was a moment of silence. Then, the entire plane giggled!