Kid’s Quote of the Day ~ Senior Discount By Karen Ekstrom

by The Internet

Situation:  At my 60th birthday party, after a round of compliments to me and my friends about how young we all looked…

One of my friends said, “Well, the good news is you will have to show your driver’s license to prove you qualify for the senior discount.”

I blushed, complimented down to my toes.

Flash forward to… The next morning, at the local coffee shop…  After I’d ordered my coffee, it occurred that I might have qualified for the senior discount.

So, when the lovely young girl who had taken my order walked over to refill the creamers. I asked…  

Me: “Do y’all offer a senior discount?”

Waitress: “Yes, we do.”

Me:  “At what age–“

Waitress beamed and touched me on the arm: “Don’t worry. I already gave it to you.”

Me, slightly startled: “Oh… Thank you.”

Waitress, so sweet and glowing:  “It’s no problem. We automatically give it to all of our elderly clients because sometimes they forget to ask.”

So now I was old and senile????  OH NO!!!!


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