Pregnant and Heading To the Hospital Joke!

Pregnant and Heading To the Hospital Joke!

Labor… It’s a Stressful Time…
Especially on Husbands… So they can be excused when…

Jeff’s wife, Mary, was in labor. Jeff was stressed. He was sure it was time to head to the hospital. He just wasn’t sure… 

Breathing heavily, Jeff grabbed the phone and called the doctor. “My wife…. She’s having contractions… And there is water dripping on the floor. Should we drive to the hospital? Or, call an ambulance?”

The doctor tried to calm Jeff. “Take a deep breath and relax. Now, tell me how long between contractions?”

“Mary!” Brian screamed on the top of his lungs, “How much time is there between your contractions?”

“Ten minutes,” She screams back.

“Ten minutes?” He puts the phone back to his face and yells, “She’s says ten minutes.”

“And is this her first child?” Questioned the doctor.

“No, you stupid nitwit, this is her husband.”


It’s a Classic Husband Joke!

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