Leftover Halloween Candy?
Delicious Ways To Get Rid Of It!
Ice Cream Delight

by Karen Ekstrom

Leftover Halloween Candy?

You can dump it, eat it, or make it wonderful!

Here’s an idea – An Ice Cream Creation!

This recipe calls for your leftover chocolate bars, snickers and caramel. Chop the chocolate bars up.  Use them as the chips in a chocolate chip cookie recipe. (I used the Tollhouse Cookie Recipe)  I took a shaped pan (heart) and spread the cookie batter in the bottom of the pan, and cooked it at 350 degrees, until the cookie was slightly brown. 

Let cool.  Run a knife around the rim of the cookie pan, so the cookie will release from the pan when you are ready. Scoop vanilla ice cream on top of cookie. Put in the freezer. Leave for one hour.

Take out of pan.

Chop up snickers bars. Decorate the top.

Melt Caramel. Drip over the top. (I added hot fudge too.)

Freeze until five minutes before serving. 


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