Kid’s Quote of the Day ~ Why Mothers Drink

by Karen Ekstrom

Situation:  We had kids over to play. Now kids love the ranch. There are acres to be explored, wide open pastures, wild animals and yes… snakes.

Now… I gave the “watch out for snakes” and, if you find one, “leave it alone” because “you don’t know if it’s poisonous or not” speech. I told them that even I can’t always tell if it’s poisonous. So I repeated… “Just Leave It Alone!”  So, you can imagine the chaos and horrific screams when a small snake was discovered on the back porch. 

I herded the kids inside. Put on boots and grab a shovel. Then charge outside.  I got close enough to get a look. Garden snake. Not poisonous.  But, because I’m a rancher’s wife and have learned the importance of snakes, and how they help keep the field mice out of my attic, I swept the snake into the grass.  Then, I charged back inside and ordered the kids to play in the front yard.

Yes, I snarled and gave them the ‘don’t-you-dare-go-into-the-back-yard’ glare again.  So, I was confident they would leave the snake alone.

About twenty minutes passed…

The back door opens. All the kids troop in. Grinning.  Sasha, 7 years-old and cute as a button says:  “That snake wasn’t poisonous.”

Me, instantly alert:  “How do you know?”

Sasha looking victorious: “Because he wasn’t brightly colored. And, when I poked him with my shoe he didn’t curl up.  And, when I pressed my finger against his mouth, he didn’t bite.”



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