Grandma’s Quote of the Day ~ One FoolProof Way To Win An Argument

by Karen Ekstrom

Situation:  Barrett, my 9-year-old grandson, and I were at a water park on a holiday weekend. The place was packed. Kids of all sizes were screaming and swimming and bobbing around. 

Barrett swam up. “Grandma, would you get me a glass of ice?”

“Sure.”  I dutifully went and got him a glass of ice and handed it to him. (Barrett stayed in the pool.)

“Grandma, watch this.” 

Barrett sucked up an ice-cube and spit it out into the pool. The ice bobbed for a moment before Barrett opened his mouth and swooped the ice-cube back into his mouth, along with a bunch of pool water. Then  he spit the pool water back out.

Barrett beamed at me. “Isn’t that cool?”

I hesitated a second before leaning down; “Barrett, pool water is dirty. You really shouldn’t put it into your mouth.”

“It’s not dirty.”

“Yes, it really is.” I insisted.

“Well, I’m having fun.” Barrett spit another ice-cube into the water and swallowed it back up. Then, he squirted the water out.

I look around. “Barrett, how many kids are in this pool?”

Barrett’s little forehead scrunched as he thought. “I’d say about 100.”

“Now how many of those kids do you think peed in the pool?”

Barrett’s face twisted in horror.

“Yea.” I wrinkled my nose. “Think about it.”

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