Kid’s Quote of the Day ~ “Vacation Activities”

by Karen Ekstrom

When A Child Says Something Brilliant and Magnificent…

I Call It, “The Quote of the Day”


Situation: We’ve paid a boo-coo-billion of dollars to take the kids and grandkids on a beach vacation ~ swimming in the ocean, body surfing, building sand castles, etc… But is the ocean the big draw? No… Barrett, our grandson, has spent the week following James, his 24-year-old uncle, around begging to play more “MineCraft”… (MineCraft being a computer game I don’t understand.) So we, as parents/grandparents, are completely frustrated…


Grandpa speaks, his voice dripping with sarcasm: “Barrett, are you ready to go down to the beach or would you rather stay inside all day, asking if James is ready to play MineCraft yet?”

Barrett: “Wait” Barrett jerked his eyes away from his computer. “Would you let me to do that?”



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