Donna Veale’s
Not So Scary Halloween Decorations

by Karen Ekstrom

This was my eleventh year. Even so, as I rang Donna’ s doorbell,I could barely contain my glee. Scary witches, hairy spiders and nasty monsters waited within.

I knew the horrifying delights that existed on the other side of the door would be fabulous.

Because… I was at Donna Veale’s house.

The Queen of Halloween Decorations.

And Halloween was just around the corner.

I leaned in and listened. Heard footsteps coming toward the door. I straightened and tried to look… grown up. Not like a kid overcome with excitement.
After all, I was too old to trick or treat without a grandchild. Too old to screech with delight as a zombie attacked me in the night. And way too old to confess my age to you. I was certainly too old to get this excited about seeing a house all decorated up for Halloween.

But then again, this was Donna Veale’s house.

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