David’s Margarita Recipe!

Why Buy A Mix When A Great Margarita Is So Easy To Make?

by Karen Ekstrom

Don’t Buy a Mix. They are too sweet. Too syrupy. Too Expensive.

David’s Margarita Recipe

(Makes One Margarita)


1 jigger fresh lime juice (Figure one lime per jigger of lime juice)

1 jigger Casamigos Reposada tequila (any tequila will do, this is my current favorite)

1 jigger Cointreau


Lime wedge



In a cocktail shaker, add ice, fresh lime juice, tequila and Cointreau 

(Quantity of ice does not matter – you just want to chill the mixture)

Shake vigorously.

Run lime wedge around rim of chilled glass and spice the rim with Tajin

(I sprinkle a layer of tajin in a small dish, then rub the rim of the glass in the tajin)

Fill the glass with ice.

Strain Margarita mixture into glass. Add lime wedge.

Nothing goes better with a great magarita than enchiladas.  Try these! The BEST! Traditional Mexican Beef Enchiladas

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