Best DYI Ever!
Personalized Senior Parking Spots!

by Karen Ekstrom

~ The Most Genius Fundraising Idea Ever ~

Personalized Parking Spots For Seniors!

Rock on Martin High School, Arlington, Texas!

You ask… How does this fundraiser work?

For $40.00 any incoming Senior may rent a specific parking spot for the school year, and decorate it using the school colors.

(FYI… All students have to pay $35.00 for a parking sticker. So, the $40.00 is on top of that fee.)

What paint/supplies do they use?

Exterior Latex House Paint

How do the seniors chose their parking spot?

A day is chosen. The kids line up. First come, first serve.

(Some kids camp out the night before to assure they get a spot in the front of the line.)


Marissa Quintanilla tackles the exciting task of painting her parking spot!


Dad, Hector Quintanilla, helps!

Renee's husband

Mom, Renee Quintanilla, helps and more importantly, documents the big event!


The detail work!


The finished product!

Never has a school parking lot looked so good!

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