Another Day – Another Blooper
You Can’t Take Me Anywhere

by Karen Ekstrom

Situation: Henry and I are at party.  Henry sees some of his guy friends at the bar.  He makes a bee line to join them.  I wander off to find my girlfriends.  Along the way I run into Jane, a friend I haven’t seen in months. 

“Hi Jane!”  We do the hug, hug, kiss, kiss thing.

“Hi Kathy.” 

“Long time, no see.  What have you been up to?”  I ask.

“Well,”  Jane lowers her voice.  “You know I lost my husband.”

I laughed.  “He’s probably at the bar with Henry.” 

“No, Kathy, Jane said,  “I mean, like he died.

….  Yikes! …. 


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