Another Day – Another BlooperYou Can’t Take Me Anywhere

Another Day – Another Blooper
You Can’t Take Me Anywhere

Situation: Henry and I are at party.  Henry sees some of his guy friends at the bar.  He makes a bee line to join them.  I wander off to find my girlfriends.  Along the way I run into Jane, a friend I haven’t seen in months. 

“Hi Jane!”  We do the hug, hug, kiss, kiss thing.

“Hi Kathy.” 

“Long time, no see.  What have you been up to?”  I ask.

“Well,”  Jane lowers her voice.  “You know I lost my husband.”

I laughed.  “He’s probably at the bar with Henry.” 

“No,”  Jane said,  “like he died.”



Yikes!  In case you were wondering, there is no way to recover from a gaff this size… You just have to grovel, beg, and hope they forgive you!  (Lucky for me, Jane just shook her head, gave me another hug, laughed and forgave me!)

Yes, I frequently suffer from “Foot in Mouth” disease!  


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