5 Ingredient Avocado Dip

Quick and Easy - Looks Beautiful!

by Karen Ekstrom

This recipe is great because of how simple it is. It can be whipped together in 5 minutes or less, with little cleanup afterwards. I think the dip goes great on crackers with salmon, but it would be fabulous with crackers alone.

By Mary Claire Ekstrom


8 oz. package of cream cheese, softened

1 small avocado

½ cup of finely chopped almonds

¼ tsp garlic salt

2 heaping tsp’s minced parsley

1 pk. salmon, thin sliced


Cut avocado in half, and pull out the seed. Scoop the two seedless halves into the bowl with a spoon.

 Add cream cheese and almonds. Whisk mixture together with a fork. Stir in garlic salt and parsley.  Put on a cracker and  top with salmon.

Can be served chilled or heated.



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