The Best Pink Lemonade Pie

The Best Pink Lemonade Pie

Simple and Refreshing!

And Soooooooo…. Easy!


1 gallon of your favorite vanilla ice cream
1 can of Pink lemonade frozen concentrate (12 oz.)
1 ready-made pie crusts



Heat oven to 450°

Put the refrigerated, ready-made pie crusts into glass or aluminum pans. Press the sides tightly against the pan. Generously prick bottom and sides with a fork. Bake until edges turn light brown. Cool for 5-7 minutes.


Ice Cream-Lemonade Center:

Mix ice cream and lemonade until smooth. Scoop the ice cream-lemonade mix into the cooled piecrust.
If you want, decorate with berries. Let freeze for at least one hour prior to serving.

This is what happens to all of my lemonade pies ~ before I get a picture.

It’s a nightmare!

This pie is that good!


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  1. Susan at 2:23 pm

    Is this recipe for two pie crusts ?
    Or does 1 gallon on ice cream go into one baked pie crust?

    Can I freeze this lemonade pie for a few days before serving?

    • Karen Ekstrom at 4:08 pm

      Hi Susan, I use two crusts so I can build the sides up. (Two crusts make a bigger dam so it can hold a lot of ice cream) One gallon will leave you with extra, but I have no problem with that. My grandkids eat it out of the mixing bowl. It’s their reward for “helping” me make it!) Yes, you can freeze this pie for a few days before serving! Just let it thaw a little before you serve so you can cut it! Enjoy! This lemonade pie is easy to make and everyone loves it! (Kids and adults alike!)

  2. Karen Ekstrom at 4:14 pm

    The great thing about this pie is, there is no way to mess it up! Even if the ice cream gets too melty, just fill up the crust as much as possible. Put it in the freezer along with the leftover filling. Let the pie get hard but, while the extra filling is still workable, pull them both out and add some more filling into the crust so it stacks high and looks beautiful.

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