Working Late?
The Greatest Cover Story Ever
(We’re Joking Here!)

by The Internet

There was once a great and very prolific artist, famous for painting beautiful women and nudes. He also had a jealous wife. So, to ensure her confidence in him, he set up his art studio in their home. One day, his model showed up at the usual time and, after exchanging the usual small talk, began to disrobe for the day’s work.

“Don’t bother disrobing.” The artist coughed, “I feel horrible. It’s this terrible cold. You can take the day off. I’ll pay you for the day anyway.”

The model surveyed him. He looked miserable.

“I just want some hot tea with lemon and honey. Maybe it will make me feel better.”

The model said, “Oh, please, let me fix it for you. It’s the least I can do.”

He agreed. “Fix yourself a cup as well.”

They were sitting in the living room chatting and enjoying their tea, when he heard the front door open and close, and then some familiar footsteps.

“Oh my!” he whispered loudly, “It’s my wife! Quick! Take all your clothes off!”


Yes, it’s a classic artist joke!

Author Unknown

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