Why You Don’t Want To Be A Cowboy…

Why You Don’t Want To Be A Cowboy…

Reason 1 ~ The Ranch Foreman

He’s a complete jerk. He never smiles. He’s never happy.

Reason 2 ~ The Working Conditions Are Horrible.

You are locked in a windowless, airless cubical all day long.

Reason 3 ~ It’s Lonely

You are completely isolated. You never see another individual.

Reason 4 ~ The Stress.

The Boss is always lighting a fire under your butt.

Reason 5 ~ It’s Rush, Rush Rush… All The Time.

Reason 6 ~ The Clients Are Rude and Ugly.

Reason 7 ~ Nobody Ever Laughs.

Reason 8 ~ It’s Dull Work. 

So Don’t Grow Up And Be A Cowboy!

It’s A Miserable Life!

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