The Border Patrol Officer

by The Internet

Old Ranch Joke.
Author unknown.
Retold by millions.
But, worth telling again.

A Border Patrol Agent pulled into a Texas cattle ranch, parked and marched up to the old Rancher.

     “I have a warrant allowing me to search your ranch for illegals aliens.”

“Okay.” The Rancher shrugged, then pointed, “But, don’t go in that pasture over there.”

The BPA officer exploded, “Mister, I come with the authority of the Federal Government!”

Reaching into his rear pocket, the Border Patrol Agent removed his badge and stuck it into the rancher’s face. “See this badge? This badge means I am allowed to go wherever I want. Any time I want. With no questions asked. Do you understand?”

 The rancher nodded, apologized, and withdrew to go about his chores.A short time later, the rancher heard hysterical screams, looked up, and saw the BPA officer running for his life. An angry Brahma bull followed, charging, with his head down and horns aimed tight on the BPA’s rear end.

With every pounding step, the bull gained ground on the officer. A goring seemed inevitable.

“Help… Help me.” The terrified BPA officer yelled.

The rancher dropped his tools, raced to the fence and yelled, “Show him your badge man… Show him your badge!”

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