Kid’s Quote of the Day
“Age & Wrinkles”

by Karen Ekstrom

When A Child Says Something Brilliant and Magnificent…

I Call It, “The Quote of the Day”


Situation: Darla, an old college girlfriend, called. She was coming in to town. “Would I like to go to lunch?”

 “Sure, but let’s eat at my house!” A thrill ran through me. Even though it had been 25 years since we’d graduated, I still adored her. She was smart, fun and physically, the most naturally beautiful person I had ever laid eyes on. She still was…

(Yes… 25 years of time had marched across both of our bodies..But, Darla had not gained a pound since college, where as I had gained 20… maybe 30… okay… 40 pounds…)

The day came. Darla and I talked and laughed for hours.

(And, she met my 9-year-old daughter.)

After Darla left, I was talking to my daughter…

Me in awe: “Isn’t she beautiful?’

Daughter: “I think you’re prettier… She got so many wrinkles and you don’t have hardly any.”

Stunned, I swelled up like a toad, grab her, cover her face with kisses and gushed: “Well bless your darling soul… You have just made my day! No, my year!”

My sweet daughter looked at me with love, cupped my face between her hands and said: “It must be all the fat in your cute little cheeks. It just spreads out all of your wrinkles.”

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Rosalind Evans October 7, 2016 - 4:13 pm

Too funny. A child’ s remark can humble you in soooo of many ways?.

Karen Ekstrom October 7, 2016 - 6:41 pm

Hi Rosalind, Yes… And I have been humbled soooooooooooo many times!!!


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