Thunder – Flash of Brilliance

by Flunking Family


One thing you need to know.

I may screw up but my girlfriends don’t.

They’re smart, talented and come with giant personalities.

Better than that, they have amazing

Flashes of Brilliance

  Here’s one.


Ronda’s young son feared thunderstorms.

So what did she do?


     Ronda watched the weather reports. Saw her opportunity and went shopping. Bought a watermelon – her son’s favorite fruit.

The storm came. The lightening flashed. Thunder roared. All the while she comforted her son.

After the storm passed, they went outside where her son found a watermelon floating in the pool, along with a note wrapped inside a zip lock bag.

As they pulled the watermelon from the pool, Ronda told her son about Thunder. How he understood his mighty power. And he knew, sometimes, he frightened children.

But, Thunder didn’t mean to. So, on occasion, to very special children, he blows presents into their yard, usually fruit that he picks out of a local pasture. So they won’t be afraid of him… and he leaves a note.

When Ronda’s son opened the note, this is what it said…


Dear Max,

Be not afraid.

I, Thunder, live to protect you.

Listen close.

Hear me when I bellow.

“Get out of the rain.”

Go inside. Where it is safe.

I am loud.

I am your friend.

Know that.



Now, when the skies light up and the thunder rolls, Max races around the house yelling, ”Get out of the rain.” Fearless, for he knows thunder lives to protect him

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Susan Bilardi June 12, 2014 - 2:15 am

Sweet idea. I love it!!

Karen Ekstrom June 17, 2014 - 9:17 pm

I thought it was brilliant!


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