Quote of the Day ~ “The Tinkle Down Effect”

by Karen Ekstrom

When A Person (Or Two) Says Something Brilliant and Magnificent…

It’s “The Quote of the Day”


Situation: A friend of ours told this story at lunch… He was treading water while talking to the life guard at a community swimming pool. Two kids, one on either side of him, are tossing a ball back and forth to each other over his head. Not getting a rise from my friend, one boy swims over to the other and starts to bug him. Where upon that kid says…

Kid:  “Don’t mess with me. You’re messing with my pee flow.”

My Horror-Struck Friend, a few feet away, looks at the lifeguard and says, “See Ya” and swims rapidly away.


After cracking up, I sputter out, “I do a thing on kid quotes… Would you allow me to use your story on the blog?…  Great!… Would you like this attributed to you or would you like to be anonymous?”

My (Now More Horrified) Friend Says:  “Anonymous. I don’t want to be known as the guy that got peed on.”


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