Contemporary Decor
Provides Sumptuous Living & Dining Rooms

by Karen Ekstrom

Paradise Exists

~ 27 floors in the air, in downtown Fort Worth ~


 It’s a stunning 4,000 square-foot condo with floor to ceiling views that spread across the eastern and western skies.  


Sandra McGlothlin, of Empire Roofing, Empire Disposal and Empire Texas Equities, owns it. 

Ames Fender wowed them with his architecture.

He combined two condos into one and created an impressive two-bedroom, 2.5 bath home with six sitting areas, a formal dining room and lust-worthy kitchen.


Then Leslie Distler, owner of “LES is more” flashed her magic. She did the finish out: flooring, paint, hardware, floors, everything… From the sheetrock out.

“I didn’t have time to look for a candle or pick colors, or flooring or cabinets or anything,” busy executive Sandra McGlothlin said.


Distler created a style she modestly calls, “New York Clean”omni-22

I call it fabulous!omni-19

See what you think!


Enjoy!omni-21omni-3omni-11omni-12 omni-14 omni-16 omni-17omni-4omni-5omni-1omni-2omni-7 omni-8 omni-9 omni-10omni-6omni-65omni-62omni-61omni-60

Want to see the kitchen and dining room to this magnificent condo?

Here’s the link! 

More curious about the bedrooms and baths?

Here’s the link!

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