Pull Out Your Crystal And Put It To Work!

by Karen Ekstrom

All sorts of cut crystal sits gathering dust in everyone’s cabinets, closets and pantries.

(If you don’t have any ~ run to a local estate sale and snap some up! You can buy it cheap!)

Pull it out!

Put it to work! 

Find a new use for it.

I love using mine for storage in my bathroom. 

DSC02881 (1)

I use two biscuit jars to hold my cotton balls and dental floss picks. 

I use a rose bowl and a small ice bucket to hold my make-up brushes.


I use a fruit bowl to hold my make-up. 



I’ve been told that this is a cigarette holder by one person… Another said it was the bottom half of a jelly/honey jar… 

No matter. I use it to hold my Q-Tips.


DSC02690 DSC02712

A rose bowl and small ice bucket work great for holding make-up brushes.


An ashtray works great as a soap dish.


A pineapple/egg shaped candy dish works great as a vitamin container.

Then, I stack all of them on a glass shelf unit.

My bathroom counter looks rich, organized and marvelous! 


So, go wild!  Use your cut crystal!

It’s beautiful! 


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