TCU Intern Learns More Than She Bargained For

by Karen Ekstrom

Needed: One TCU Student For Bookkeeping, Accounting,

Going To The Bank Type Job For Ranching Family.

The response was great.

The competition stiff.

But, in the end, a cute, darling TCU student, named Brooke was hired.

She spent the next few months doing the books, etc.

(You know, the normal stuff.)

Then, my husband, her boss, decided she was ready.

He sent her to me, the evil wife, saying, “Don’t you want to see the ranch?

She fell for it!

Bwwaa Bwwaaa! (Evil Laugh.)

Then, as providence would have it, our house was attacked by an armadillo.

(Our third armadillo attack that week.)

So, when Brooke arrived, I seized the opportunity and punted the nasty job to her.

“Brooke Darling,” I said, smiling, “working on a ranch requires dealing with critters. Here’s your first. Get rid of it.”

Then, I handed her a shovel.


Brooke was not winning the battle.

So I grabbed the shovel and pushed her aside, intending to show her how it was done.  


I closed in on the beast.


And went after it. After all, I was the expert!


(Sorry it’s blurry but it’s an action shot!)


But it ran back.

I tried again.

DSC02106 (1)

The Battle Raged… And I was losing.


I decided to drown it out.


That didn’t work either.

DSC02117 (1)

Until I gave up, exhausted and a bit humiliated.

So the  “*%#@*”  thing continues to tear up my garden.


Brooke didn’t say a word.

But, I thought her face said it all.



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