The Perfect Homes of the Charmed and Beautiful – Michelle Marlow

by Karen Ekstrom

Michelle Marlow’s Front Door

(Don’t You Love It!)

Michelle Marlow is one of Fort Worth’s charmed and beautiful. Of course, she enjoys the perfect life, has the perfect family and lives in the perfect house.

What do I want?

I want her front door.

Michelle displays the perfect front door year round but, during football season, Michelle’s all about Texas Christian University. She says, “The bunting is very special to us, as it was given to us by Chancellor Victor Boschini. He wants to start a tradition!”

Hmmm. Victor Boschini hasn’t ever given me a bunting, or a… anything.

(My front door? I wrote about it in a post, “The Things I Do For My Kids.”

(Let’s just say, my front door was another flop, one of the funny little disasters of my life.)Michelle'scloseupCloseUpTCUWreath

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Darla Neel August 31, 2014 - 8:31 pm

Love her door, but I love her better. Sweetest girl I know.


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