Rustic Candles

by Karen Ekstrom

Spruce up a basic candle. The can be done with candles of all sizes, whether they sit on the countertop or on a candle stand. 

By Mary Claire Ekstrom



Railroad nails

(Which can be found beside most railroad tracks – but be safe – if a train comes, get away from the tracks!)


Rubber Bands

Metal wire

(We use some old barbed wire that we found laying around the ranch. It had rusted. We figured, the rustier the wire, the better. More rust means the wire is more malleable, and -of course – it looks cool.)


Wrap 3 or 4 thick rubber bands around the candle. If candle is too large for one rubber band, loop two or three together with square knots.


Arrange the railroad nails however you want, using the rubber bands to hold the nails in place.


Wrap wire tightly around candle and nails.

Once nails are secure, remove rubber bands.

(To see how I did the smaller candle, scroll down!)



There you go!

The perfect rustic candles!


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