Ranch Life ~ From A Bull’s Point of View

Texas Cattle Ranching

by Karen Ekstrom

Being a city girl who married into an old ranching family, I’ve been surprised by a lot of things about ranch life. But when Henry said it was time to do a SpermCheck, I was shocked!  Henry was shocked that I was shocked. As he put it, the bulls only have one job and if they “can’t” then there is no reason for them to be “employed” at the ranch.


Then I wondered how… exactly… does one do that?

I mean, it’s not like a 2,500 lb. bull says “Sure, give me a Playboy and let me have a couple of minutes…”

So, I went to see.

The day started out with the cowboys rounding up the bulls.


I wondered if the bulls knew somthing was up.


The cowboys secured the bulls in the chutes. Then, they brought in the ladies.


Soon, nobody was smiling.


Nobody but the humans.


Just lets you know, even a bulls life is not all sunshine and romance.

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