Stupid Men Jokes
(You Will Laugh!)

by Karen Ekstrom

There once was a terrible accident that left eight people, seven men and one woman, hanging from a rope off a cliff.

As the rope began to fray, they all knew death was certain.

“It’s giving way. It’s too much weight. Someone’s going to have to drop, otherwise we all will die.” One of the men shouted.

“Well, I’m not going to.”

“Neither am I.”

All of the men murmured and then stared at the woman.

“I’ll let go of the rope for I am a simple woman. Raised to know my place in the world. I’m accustomed to giving up everything for my husband and children. And, I know I should do that for any man,” she said demurely.

All the men cheered and… clapped…

Yes, it’s a Classic Joke!

Author Unknown


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