Kid’s Quote of the Day
Or, Really It’s…
Quotes That Can Get You Killed!

by Karen Ekstrom


Situation: On a cattle ranch, mornings come early and everyone, including the owners children, work. Everyone is up at 6:00 a.m. Jobs start at 7:00. So, on Barrett’s, my 8-year-old grandson, first day, I was racing around, yelling at him to get dressed and to come eat, so he’d be ready when Buster, the ranch foreman, swung by to pick him up…

Picture me in my nightgown and robe. I haven’t brushed my teeth or hair and I’m barking orders: “Barrett, eat faster. You haven’t even finished your eggs.”

(David, my husband, walks into the kitchen, dressed to go to his office.)

Me, panicked: “Honey, you can’t leave yet. I need you to pass Barrett to Buster.”

David: “Why?”

Glaring, I act like a model and sweep my hand across my body to highlight my disheveled state:

David eyes widen, seeing me for the first time: “Ohhhhh… Okay.”

Barrett’s head jerks up. He stares at David, then shifts his gaze to me. His eyes widen: “Grandma, do you not want Buster to see you because you look so completely terrible?”


(Yes, my grandson is brilliant… but could use some lessons in diplomacy!)



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