The Best Ranch House Steak With Homemade Gravy

The Best Ranch House Steak With Homemade Gravy

By Terry Fitts

 Bring You The Finest, Down-Home, Southern Food Your Mouth Ever Tasted.


4 lbs. Chuck Eye Steak




Seasoning Salt

½ cup of Crisco




Rinse Chuck Eye Steak. Season it with salt, pepper, garlic, and seasoning salt. (Go heavy on the seasoning)


Put grease (Crisco) in the skillet. Get skillet medium-hot.

Flour the meat.


Brown meat on both sides but do not cook all the way through.


Sauté bell peppers, onions and garlic in a separate skillet.


Put browned meat into a roasting pan. Set aside.



Use the leftover juices from meat skillet for gravy. Add 2 tbs. of flour. Stir in until juices are absorbed. Add hot water, a little at a time, until gravy thickens to the consistency you prefer.


The Finish

Pour the gravy over the meat. Add sautéed bell peppers and onions.


Put in oven on 300 degrees. Cook for 1-½ hours.






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  1. Donna Bailey at 8:48 pm

    Please what is a chuck eye? We here in California have rib eye, chuck steak, but chuck eye is a new one on me. Thanks. Grannie

    • Karen Ekstrom at 7:23 pm

      Hi Donna, I’ve cut and pasted a definition from the web… But here, in Texas, you can find chuck eye steaks already cut and packaged in the beef section. It’s commonly referred to as the “poor man’s rib eye.” If it’s not available in your area, any butcher can cut it for you.

      Chuck Eye Steak ~ “The Chuck Eye Steak is cut from the chuck eye roast (Chuck Primal), lower down from the rib primal. This means that this steak is a similar cousin to a Rib-Eye Steak, but isn’t as tender or flavorful. This steak is a good low cost alternative but will dry out faster than a rib eye. For this reason, it shouldn’t be overcooked and may benefit from a good marinade.”

      It’s good. Try it!

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