Bathtime: Bubbles And Blarney

Bathtime: Bubbles And Blarney

“Gramma, what’s that yellow stuff in the water?” Billy asked.

I lowered my IPad and surveyed the tub. I saw a mountain of bubbles, my grandson and… nothing unusual.

“What yellow stuff?”

Billy pushed his head higher, coming out of the water. Took his finger and pointed, circling a spot in the bubbles.

I scrutinized again. Saw nothing. My suspicions jumped.

“Billy, did you pee in the tub?”


His voice rang with innocence. But, he’d been stretching the truth every which way lately. I was not happy about that trend. So I took off my reading glasses, and gave him my best ‘stern Gramma’ face. Then, I asked again. “Did you pee in the tub?”

“No. But…” Billy’s eyes darted and flew around the bathroom. “I think somebody did.”

“Really?” I decided to box him, and his little lie, into a corner. “There’s nobody in the tub but you.”

Billy blinked twice.

“It was the dog.”

“Billy…” I lowered my voice into a warning growl.

“Okay… “ He hesitated, then hung his head. “Gramma, I have something really bad to tell you.”

My heart melted and love gushed out of every pore of my body.

“Billy, you can tell me anything.” I nodded, confident and reassuringly. “No matter how bad. Because I’m your Grandmother and I will always love you. No matter what.”

A look of relief spread across his face. Followed quickly by the sweetest smile I’d ever seen.

I’m glad Gramma because the dog poo-pooed too.”


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    • Karen Ekstrom at 5:12 pm

      Yep. Remember when you learned not to ask your grandparents anything because you never knew what they’d say… Well, I’ve hit that age…
      Now I understand why they said the things they did. They simply thought everything was hilarious.

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